Finally-New Etsy Items

I haven't listed anything new on Etsy in over a month. So I decided to start crafting and create some new items (only 3, but at least its something) . It's about time.

Teardrop Earrings on Etsy
IMG_0941 copy
These earrings consist of Peridot and Carnelian along with glass teardrop

Tourmaline and Garnet Bracelet on Etsy
IMG_0915 copy
watermelon tourmaline along with faceted garnet and gold vermeil

Teardrop Necklace on Etsy
These necklace consist of Peridot and Carnelian along with glass teardrop

Atlanta the Strange

When people typically think of Atlanta they tend to think of a big urban city, but after aimlessly driving around with my boyfriend I've discovered some of Atlanta's hidden oddities.

Most of these pictures are of Old Atlanta Prison Farm and some unknown place.

The Atlanta Prison Farm is 290 acres. It was deserted and had been used as a police training ground, a burial ground for the zoo, and a landfill, among other things.
The 700 bed prison farm is located within Northeast Atlanta. The inmates at this facility served sentences for ordinance and traffic offenses and were routinely assigned to farming, livestock, cannery and dairy operation details. -

Here are a few from old Atlanta Prison Farm (click for bigger pic):

I have no clue what the last two pics are of. I know it is somewhere in the Lakewood area of Georgia.

ALLYSIN-New Etsy Shop!!!

I just created another Etsy shop. It's mainly just trendy & funky jewelry. It's also very affordable.
(click pics to enlarge)