A Super Easy Way to Make Money!

Lately, I have been trying to find easy ways to make money on the side. One of my favorite money saving blogs recommended a site called, YouData. YouData pays you just to browse websites. The websites aren't spyware sites. They're sites that I would normally visit. Here's an example of a site that they pay you to visit: fossil.com. I made over $1.50 in only a few seconds. There is no minimum payout and you get paid every friday through Paypal. You definitely won't get rich on this site but YouData is a great site for those of us that are trying to earn a little extra money.


Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth on Etsy

I am more of a seller than a buyer when it comes to Etsy but I have a huge weakness for homemade sweets. In fact, my first Etsy purchase was for some chocolate chip cookies with butter cream filling. They were absolutely delicious! I definitely plan on buying some more! There are tons of Etsyians that have shops that just make my mouth water. I swear that I can smell some of those goodies through the screen. lol. Here are a few treats from some Etsy shops that look amazing:




1. Brownie Sampler from A Sugar Affair

2. Almond Joy Sundae Cupcake from Delectable Delights

3. White Chocolate Fudge with Toasted Almonds and Butter Toffee from Sugarsmitten

The Bracelet that will Never Sell, Finally Sold!

The Tangerine Dream Cuff finally sold! It was listed in my Etsy shop over two years ago, it had over 39 hearts and just about a kabillion views. It was finally adopted and sent to a good home at the end of February.


Here it is

I'll be making another one soon so be sure to check out the shop: Jewelicide

Jewelicide Poll Results

71% of voters thought that I should keep my name.

29% of voters thought that I should change the name, Jewelicide.

So, my jewelry shop name will still be called Jewelicide Jewelry.