Get Me Out of Here

I have to get out of here...I have just finished college and now I'm forced to move back in with the rents. The economy poo-pooed all over my after college plans so now I'm stuck in suburbia until I can find a decent and trustworthy roommate. I can't stand it here. It’s always cloudy and it's a small town so there's nothing to do. I guess things could be way worse. So, I guess I should count my blessings and just deal with it.

Plurfection Supplies

I have decided not to buy any supplies until I sell a few in my shop. So far sales have been nonexistent. So...stop by my supply shop if you are looking for jewelry supplies, buttons, pendants and findings...or check out the other members of the Etsy Supply Street Team:

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Marketing and Promoting Sorta

I have finally joined Twitter after hearing other Etsyians rave about it. Supposedly, it is a great promotional tool. I still have no clue on how to use it but I am currently trying to figure it out. If you would like to follow me, here's my link:

Update: I think that I have received a few sales after joining Twitter. It has brought traffic to my Etsy sites and I have also discovered some some great artists and Etsians. Plus, its somewhat addicting.

I am also experimenting with 1000 Markets and Art Fire.

My Christmas Wishlist-Item #1

Fruitstripe Necklace and Bracelet by REWARESTYLE

There's nothing cooler than lego jewelry with gemstones embedded in it! I love these two items so much.

This necklace is made with synthetic ruby corundum set in 14kt gold, sterling silver, etc.
Link to Fruitstripe Necklace

Link to Fruitstripe Bracelet
Check this Etsyian out. There are tons of awesome goodies in this shop!
Rewarestyle profile

Finally, my fun and funky kawaii shop,, is up and running again. I have recently listed some beaded "candy" cuffs that are dedicated to my love of the rave. I plan on uploading some stud earrings in the upcoming week. I only have 8 items listed so far but I plan on having a nice quantity of different items available in the next month or so.

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80 Percent of U.S. Populace Now Selling Handmade Jewelry

WASHINGTON, DC—According to a Department Of Labor report released Monday, four out of five Americans derive at least a portion of their income from the sale of handmade jewelry. "In the past 10 years, the number of Americans selling or attempting to sell jewelry of their own creation has risen tenfold," Labor Department spokesman Gary Hardwick told reporters...-The Onion(

-Ha ha. Even though this article is satirical, it sure seems like everyone is making and selling handmade jewelry these days. It's such an intense and competitive market.

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Penny Haterz

Why is it that every time I bend down to pick up a penny I get crap from my roommates? They say I look tacky picking up stuff off of the ground or whatever. For me pennies add up-they are still considered to be currency, i.e. pennies=money and money=good.

I'm not destitute, I live a very comfortable suburban life, however, I am still going to pick up every frellin' penny I see. Needless to say, the people who give me crap about this do not even have a dollar to their name much less a friggin' penny. Leave me be penny haters!

Here's an example of a successful penny picker-upper, the dude has $13,084.59 in pennies: Penny Jackpot Dude

oh ya, According to Coinstar, there's more than $10.5 billion in loose change sitting idle in American homes.



...Whatever happened to these yummy snacks? I have been searching the aisles of my local grocery store trying to find them. I assume that they've been discontinued but I want them back...NOW! I'm Hungry!

If anyone knows where I can find some please let me know. I will greatly appreciate it!


A Pleasant Surprise

Look what I found...

Recently, my mom purchased some flowers from Home Depot and put them up in the front yard. Shortly after two robins decided to create their new home and start a family in the basket of flowers. Every time my mom takes the plant down to water it they go insane.




If you look closely you can see the mother or father's head poking out


The eggs have recently hatched but I haven't taken a picture of the babies yet.

Finally-New Etsy Items

I haven't listed anything new on Etsy in over a month. So I decided to start crafting and create some new items (only 3, but at least its something) . It's about time.

Teardrop Earrings on Etsy
IMG_0941 copy
These earrings consist of Peridot and Carnelian along with glass teardrop

Tourmaline and Garnet Bracelet on Etsy
IMG_0915 copy
watermelon tourmaline along with faceted garnet and gold vermeil

Teardrop Necklace on Etsy
These necklace consist of Peridot and Carnelian along with glass teardrop

Atlanta the Strange

When people typically think of Atlanta they tend to think of a big urban city, but after aimlessly driving around with my boyfriend I've discovered some of Atlanta's hidden oddities.

Most of these pictures are of Old Atlanta Prison Farm and some unknown place.

The Atlanta Prison Farm is 290 acres. It was deserted and had been used as a police training ground, a burial ground for the zoo, and a landfill, among other things.
The 700 bed prison farm is located within Northeast Atlanta. The inmates at this facility served sentences for ordinance and traffic offenses and were routinely assigned to farming, livestock, cannery and dairy operation details. -

Here are a few from old Atlanta Prison Farm (click for bigger pic):

I have no clue what the last two pics are of. I know it is somewhere in the Lakewood area of Georgia.

ALLYSIN-New Etsy Shop!!!

I just created another Etsy shop. It's mainly just trendy & funky jewelry. It's also very affordable.
(click pics to enlarge)

New New New!!!


Ametrine, Amethyst, and Peridot Necklace
Amethyst,Ametrine and Peridot Necklace

Garnet and Lolite Necklace
Garnet and Lolite Necklace
lolite, garnet and sterling silver necklace

Orange & Green
Peridot and Carnelian Bracelet on Etsy

Random Vacation Photos

I'm thinking about selling prints. What do you think?

These have been taken in the following places:
Asheville,North Carolina
Chicago, Illinois
Montego Bay, Jamaica
New Orleans, Lousiana
Chattahoochee River, Georgia

A Sugar Affair's Delectable Chocolate Chip and Butter Cream Sandwiches

I recently purchased the mini chocolate chip and butter cream sandwiches from A Sugar Affair and let me tell you they are delicious! They are the perfect thing to brighten up a gloomy day. I will definitely be going back for more and more. She also has tons of other yummies in her shop:


Revolution Money Exchange?????

Revolution Money Exchange is supposed to be a free alternative to Paypal and they give you $25 just for signing up. That all sounds great but how safe are you? Is your info protected? I'd like to know the answers to these questions.

I have considered signing up for Revolution Money Exchange(RME)recently but declined after reading their privacy policy and that they request a social security number.
They are allowed to share your personal info. They give you the option to opt out but in order to do that you have to print out and mail the opt out form to them.

Their privacy policy also states that they may disclose your social security number and other info to a third party. I haven't heard any horror stories, but the site is fairly new. If anyone has any info on this please leave a comment.

The Bracelet That Will Never Sell

After being listed a kabillion years ago, 34 hearts, and a kabillion views (most of which have been lost due to the Etsy server) this bracelet still remains in my shop.

Orange Coil Bracelet

Newest Item-Lemon Quartz Necklace

New Lemon Quartz Necklace
Lemon Quartz Necklace Link

Lemon Quartz Drop Necklace


The necklace consists of blue topaz, aquamarine, peridot, amethyst, citrine and a huge 9 carat chunk of faceted lemon quartz.It measures 17 inches but will have a 3 inch sterling silver adjustable chain.The clasp is a sterling silver lobster clasp.
The pendant is 9 carats of lemon quartz and measures an inch long.

I'm Proud of this one!