Ways to Make Money 2

Here are a few other reputable survey sites. I'll add GPT and PTC sites in the next couple of posts.

1. Pinecone Research: the best. You get paid for every survey by check or PayPal. Membership is not open often so you have to search for a link. The amount of time it takes to complete the surveys is always reasonable and payment is usually $3. There is no survey disqualification which means you always get paid for your time! This is definitely my favorite survey site

2. Lightspeed Panel: Lots of surveys. Payout is through PayPal. Payment is reliable, being credited for the survey is not. You can redeem your points for prizes or cash. I always take the money. 575 points allows you to receive $5 by PayPal. It takes 5-7 days to appear in your PayPal account. http://lightspeedpanel.com

3. Permission Research: This is an ok survey site. I don’t qualify for most of their surveys. However, they do offer a token for every survey that you attempt and you can use that token to play their slot machine and win some points. I managed to obtain a $25 Macy’s gift card by accumulating tokens. I received my gift card super fast and have heard that other members have had good experiences with redeeming their points. One major disadvantage about Permission Research is that they want you to download their software upon registration. Somehow, I managed to avoid that. I would not recommend the software download. I’ve heard some bad things about it. http://permissionresearch.com

4. SurveySpot: This site is great. Its easy to qualify for surveys because they send so many. Sometimes, it takes a few weeks to be credited for a survey but Surveyspot is reliable. A lot of members have claimed to have made a lot of money with this site. Payment is by check. http://surveyspot.com

New Halloween Items

These new items have been listed and relisted for the upcoming Halloween season. They're in my Kitschy-kawaii shop: Allysin


1. Halloween Kandi Cuff
2. Orange Flower Studs
3. Black Flower Studs
4. White Flower Studs